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classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 380 flirty pink
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 381 soft plum
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 382 creamy chocolate
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 383 pearly rosewood
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 384 glamour rose
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 385 antique rose
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 386 classic nude
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 387 golden red
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 388 clear coral
classic-lipstick-flirty-pink 389 pretty peach

Classic Lipstick 4,5g

The CLASSIC LIPSTICK delights in ten radiant shades that are particularly attractive and long-lasting.