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770 Sun Stick SPF 50

Sun Stick SPF 50 12g

We all love the soft glow of a sun-kissed complexion. And we love it even more when...
2324 Blush Tropical


Colibri Blush is like a kiss of fresh tropical summer sun on your cheeks and will give you a glow that calls to mind sweet peaches and sun-ripened papayas.
2331 Highlighter White Pearl

COLIBRI COLLECTION Highlighter White Pearl 3g

The creamy highlighter stick has a 100% vegan, moisturizing formula that goes on and stays on. Your eyes appear bright, and your complexion takes on a natural glow, guaranteeing you a sparkling appearance.
concealer stick light green
1110 Medium Beige

Concealer Stick 1,8g

A green concealer stick not just for youngsters with reddish spots but for anyone battling with red flushes, visible red veins or any other skin redness.
cover stick light beige
1108 Light Beige
1109 Medium Beige

Cover Stick 1,8g

The all-rounder for a lot and against quite a bit! Little spots, pigmentations and other blemishes also simply disappear under the COVER STICK.
2480 shades of nude 2480 shades of nude
2481 Brown Metallics
2482 Green Forest
2483 Purple Dream

Satin Feeling Eyeshadow Quartet 7,2g

The four eyeshadow quartets in the same high-tech quality as the monos, allow a „mix and match“ with matt, satin and frosty shades in the same color family.
1480 soft vanilla 1480 soft vanilla
1481 velvet rose 1481 velvet rose
1482 pearl romance 1482 pearl romance
1483 golden apricot 1483 golden apricot
1484 colorful mauve 1484 colorful mauve
1485 tender violet 1485 tender violet
1486 light aubergine 1486 light aubergine
1487 olive mud 1487 olive mud
1488 gentle brown 1488 gentle brown
1489 royal topaze 1489 royal topaze
1490 satin taupe 1490 satin taupe
1491 cool copper 1491 cool copper
1492 midnight plum 1492 midnight plum
1493 shady chocolate 1493 shady chocolate
1494 glow anthracite 1494 glow anthracite
1495 black 1495 black

Velvet Touch Mono Eyeshadow 1,8g

16 coordinated colors in matt, satin and ultra frost finish are incredibly easy to blend due to their innovative texture and great coverage.

Deluxe Bronzing Powder 15g

DELUXE BRONZING POWDER is amazingly versatile! The warm, modern tone conjures a seductively elegant and feminine glow on any face. This soft powder with a silky finish is easy to apply and blend evenly across the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Powder pressed with a special oriental design.
1166 natural 1166 natural

Fixing Powder 7g

This delightfully velvety, loose powder is the ultimate finish for any make-up! FIXING POWDER with mother-of-pearl makes the skin appear as though in soft focus. The complexion instantly looks smoother and more even. Pores appear smaller. This light, ultra-fine powder perfectly mattes the skin and adds the finishing touch to any look.
1270 tender rosewood
1271 fresh flamingo
1272 soft apricot

Face Design Collection 8,5g

A trio for perfectly modeled facial contours and a radiantly fresh look - Bronzer, Blusher and Highlighter in one!
stagecolor finishing-powder
769 natural

HD Finishing Powder 8,5g

The innovative multi-talent also sets and permanently mattifies any foundation, and when worn by itself creates a natural complexion.
761 medium 761 medium
763 sun 763 sun

Silk Powder Make-Up 9g

SILK POWDER MAKE-UP is a very soft, smooth and strong hold powder foundation which not only feels like silk but also gives it a silky appearance.