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cover stick
cover stick 356 Light Rose

Smoothy Lip Peeling 1,5g

Thanks to the Shea butter plus vitamin E and C, your lips also have long-lasting suppleness and softness.
lip balm
lip balm 355 Colorless

Supreme Lip Balm 1,5g

Brilliant lip care packaged in a twist-up pen making it easy and quick to apply.

Concealer Stick 1,8g

A green concealer stick not just for youngsters with reddish spots but for anyone battling with red flushes, visible red veins or any other skin redness.
cover stick light beige
cover stick light beige 1108 Light Beige
cover stick light beige 1109 Medium Beige

Cover Stick 1,8g

The all-rounder for a lot and against quite a bit! Little spots, pigmentations and other blemishes also simply disappear under the COVER STICK.
130 Golden Blond
131 Medium Brown
132 Dark Brown

Brow Styling Gel 5ml

Thanks to the fixing BROW STYLING GEL the color, gloss and styling last all day.
stagecolor finishing-powder
stagecolor finishing-powder 769 natural

HD Finishing Powder 8,5g

The innovative multi-talent also sets and permanently mattifies any foundation, and when worn by itself creates a natural complexion.
Stick Foundation 15g
852 rose beige 852 rose beige
853 natural tan 853 natural tan
857 medium olive 857 medium olive
Stick Foundation 15g 858 sunny tan

Stick Foundation 15g

The STICK FOUNDATION with its superb coverage, velvety matt texture and moisturizing substances creates a wonderfully even complexion in no time at all!