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SC Trends OÜ

Stagecolor Cosmetics brand

A brand suitable even for
the most demanding customer wanting to use high-quality products 

Recommended by the make-up artists

High-quality products that meet the needs of professional make-up artists

Siiri Lauri

I am one of the founders of SC Trends, my everyday focus is ensuring the well-being of Stagecolor Cosmetics customers - whether they are regular, permanent, or business clients.

. I have worked as a makeup artist for 15 years, 10 of which I have specifically worked with Stagecolor Cosmetics products. I have extensive experience with Stagecolor Cosmetics products, during which I have come to know the brand and its products inside and out, including their ingredients, textures, and use. With the knowledge and experience gained, I am always ready to share advice with all beauty enthusiasts and offer them the best recommendations.

I have been bringing Stagecolor Cosmetics products to Estonia since 2013, offering high-quality products for everyday use as well as for theater, photo shoots, and film sets to both private clients and professional makeup artists and stylists.

Stagecolor Cosmetics has been with me for so long that sometimes it seems like we have grown up together in the makeup industry. With these products, I can always be sure of the outcome, and most importantly, customers are always satisfied!

Johanna Velt

I am the other founder of SC Trends. I am responsible for managing the company and ensuring its daily operations run smoothly.

I have worked as a freelance makeup artist for five years. At the beginning of my career, I coincidentally worked with Siiri, who introduced me to Stagecolor Cosmetics products. Since then, I have used these products in my professional work. Siiri and I have also worked as colleagues in the makeup industry since then, and two years ago, we founded a joint company to re-launch the Stagecolor Cosmetics brand in Estonia and other Baltic countries.

It is important for me to represent a brand that I have come to know over the years and stand up for its quality and values. My great desire is to bring Stagecolor Cosmetics products to even more people, both regular users and professionals!

For me, Stagecolor Cosmetics products have always meant a reliable choice. I mean that you can always count on these products, as they always do their job - whether doing makeup for yourself or using them on a model or actor. I like the minimalist nature of Stagecolor Cosmetics, but at the same time, their products allow for all kinds of looks that come to mind during the creative process.

Johanna Velt

Be your personal make-up artist

Siiri & Johanna

SC Trends OÜ

SC Trends is the official distributor of Stagecolor Cosmetics in the Baltic region.

SC Trends was created in 2021 with the aim of bringing a brand to the market that would be suitable for even
the most demanding customers who want to use high-quality products on their skin
and feel that they are also caring for their skin. At the same time,
the range of Stagecolor Cosmetics products meets the needs of professional makeup artists and stylists who
want to add exclusive textures and high-quality ingredients to their tools,
, which are suitable for both HD cameras and theater stages.

Our goal is to represent a brand that allows every person to be their own
professional makeup artist and use high-quality products, from a wide selection,
including vegan, natural and organic products to the UNISEX collection
designed for both women and men!

Siiri & Johanna