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770 Sun Stick SPF 50

Sun Stick SPF 50 12g

We all love the soft glow of a sun-kissed complexion. And we love it even more when...

Concealer Stick 1,8g

A green concealer stick not just for youngsters with reddish spots but for anyone battling with red flushes, visible red veins or any other skin redness.
cover stick light beige
cover stick light beige 1108 Light Beige
cover stick light beige 1109 Medium Beige

Cover Stick 1,8g

The all-rounder for a lot and against quite a bit! Little spots, pigmentations and other blemishes also simply disappear under the COVER STICK.
CONTOUR WAX LINER 3179 colorless

Contour Wax Liner 1,92g

The CONTOUR WAX LINER prevents lipstick from running, while shea butter and jojoba oil moisturize your lips and makes them feel pleasantly smooth.
lip oil colorless
lip oil colorless 1164 colorless

Lip Oil 4,5ml

The perfect combination of skin care and make-up for the lips. 100% natural.
Lip primer colorless
Lip primer colorless 1163 colorless

Lip Primer 4,5ml

The perfect base for lipsticks and lip gloss.
pure light face primer
pure light face primer 1160 pearly glow

Pure Light Face Primer 30ml

The cosmetics photoshop for a radiant complexion.
Skin refining face primer
740 transparent 740 transparent

Skin Refining Face Primer 15ml

Use the SKIN REFINING FACE PRIMER to conceal small lines and pores. This oil-free face primer has a matt effect and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. You will hardly feel that you are using a primer. No preservatives.
Perfect Teint Fluid Concealer pale beige
Perfect Teint Fluid Concealer pale beige 1116 pale beige
Perfect Teint Fluid Concealer light beige 1117 light beige
Perfect Teint Fluid Concealer medium beige 1118 medium beige
Perfect Teint Fluid Concealer yellow beige 1119 yellow beige

Perfect Teint Fluid Concealer 5ml


With the PERFECT TEINT FLUID CONCEALER you conceal small blemishes, cover-up light circles around the eyes or skin irregularities and brighten up dark areas of the face.

Natural Touch Cream Concealer
Natural Touch Cream Concealer 1103 pale beige
Natural Touch Cream Concealer lihgt beige 1104 light beige
Natural Touch Cream Concealer - medium beige 1105 medium beige
Natural Touch Cream Concealer - yellow beige 1106 yellow beige

Natural Touch Cream Concealer 1,5ml

Conceal small blemishes and redness in no time, cover up pigment spots or correct slight circles around the eyes.
eye primer colorless
eye primer colorless 1162 colorless

Eye Primer 4ml

A fountain of youth for the eye area!