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2331 Highlighter White Pearl

COLIBRI COLLECTION Highlighter White Pearl 3g

The creamy highlighter stick has a 100% vegan, moisturizing formula that goes on and stays on. Your eyes appear bright, and your complexion takes on a natural glow, guaranteeing you a sparkling appearance.

Deluxe Bronzing Powder 15g

DELUXE BRONZING POWDER is amazingly versatile! The warm, modern tone conjures a seductively elegant and feminine glow on any face. This soft powder with a silky finish is easy to apply and blend evenly across the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Powder pressed with a special oriental design.
face-design-collection-tender-rosewood 1270 tender rosewood
face-design-collection-tender-rosewood 1271 fresh flamingo
face-design-collection-tender-rosewood 1272 soft apricot

Face Design Collection 8,5g

A trio for perfectly modeled facial contours and a radiantly fresh look - Bronzer, Blusher and Highlighter in one!