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410 Tequila Sunrise
411 Cosmopolitan
412 Bloody Mary
413 Mai Tai
414 Manhattan
415 Pink Lady
416 Wild Berry

Liquid Lipstic

Our new, no-transfer Liquid Lipsticks are the eye-catcher at any cocktail bar! The intensively covering yet ultra-lightweight formula gives your lips a matte, even finish – the ideal companion at a cocktail party.
3182 creamy chocolate
3183 pearly rosewood
3184 antique rose
3185 clear coral
3186 golden red
3187 pure red
3188 rich ruby
3189 true pink
3190 medium

Classic Lipliner 1,1g

Draw and shade the lip contour precisely with the CLASSIC LIPLINER.
mrs-matt-lipstick-classic-red 390 classic red
mrs-matt-lipstick-classic-red 391 lava red
mrs-matt-lipstick-classic-red 392 fresh fuchsia
mrs-matt-lipstick-classic-red 393 lovely coral
mrs-matt-lipstick-classic-red 394 cashmere brown
mrs-matt-lipstick-classic-red 395 royal plum

Mrs Matt Lipstick 4,4g

Velvety soft is the perfect texture for creamy, well cared for lips. MRS MATT LIPSTICK goes on smooth and is easy to apply precisely where desired, delivering intensive color and lasting staying power. The perfect combination of absolutely matt lipstick and incredible wearing comfort! Comes in six stylish colors.
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3440 intense orange
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3441 pure red
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3442 authentic red
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3443 true pink
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3444 deep fuchsia
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3445 rich ruby
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3446 fair plum
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3447 basic nude
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3448 royal auburn
ure-lasting-color-lipstick-intense-orange 3449 giant rose

Pure Lasting Color Lipstick 4,2g

The PURE LASTING COLOR LIPSTICK impresses with its great long lasting quality and intensely luminous pure color.